I'm Not the Person I Used to Be (with Stanley, Iyengar, Sinnott-Armstrong, De Brigard)

Blame, not ability, impacts moral “ought” judgments for impossible actions: Toward an empirical refutation of “ought” implies “can” (with Chituc, Sinnott-Armstrong, and De Brigard)

An Empirical Refutation of Ought Implies Can (with Chituc, De Brigard, and Sinnott-Armstrong)

Cause by Omission and Norm: not watering plants (with Pinillos and De Brigard)


Does Neuroscience Undermine Morality? (with Sinnott-Armstrong)

In Preparation

Nothin' From Nothin' Leaves Nothin'

What's Causal Selection?

Counterfactuals, Similarity, and Possibility (with Stanley and De Brigard)

Resistance to Reasons (with Stanley, Dougherty, Yang, and De Brigard)

Justice may be Impossible, but Institutions Must be Feasible (with Ancell)

Reasons, Deliberation, Trying, and Furniture: Against Some Recent Arguments for ‘Ought’ Implies ‘Can’ (with Semler, Chituc, De Brigard, and Sinnott-Armstrong)

I'm a Better Person Now (with Stanley, Iyengar, Sinnott-Armstrong, De Brigard)

Group Causation - (with Vlad Chituc)

Overdetermination and Late Preemption - (with Chituc, Tang, and De Brigard)

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